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Behind the lens


“So tell me about yourself…”

A phrase that sounds like 1,000 nails on a chalkboard to me. All interesting or noteworthy things I would say in normal circumstances immediately vacate the building. This is why I have put off writing and updating this page for literally *years* prior to today. Suddenly, I’ve realized that I’m not talking to strangers about myself--I’m hopefully writing to future friends. Actually, that’s a pretty perfect segue into my photographic approach. 


My biggest asset is not my camera gear, or formal technical training (I am self taught) is my humble appreciation for beauty of all kinds. The ability to see it and harness it, so that I can document it. I want my photos to be genuine (yes! double chins can be cute! It's a hill I will die on.) 


When I’m at a wedding, event, or shoot of any kind, I’m not just there to capture how things look, but most importantly, how they feel. To me, It’s pretty incredible when two humans from different walks of life, despite all of the small & not-so-small challenges (love is rarely simple), choose a person they want to share a walk with. A partner. (Sometimes, that partnership includes a furry friend, which is even better!) 


I am lucky enough to be able to tell those stories through the photos I take.

So, with all of that said--reach out, I’d love the chance to tell your story <3


TLDR; IYKYN Capricorn. INFJ. 5w6.

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